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Young man sits at a table with peers smiling and laughing while they work on an arts and crafts.

Day Treatment and Training (DTA)

Our programs are goal-oriented Day Treatment and Training with emphasis on community access and interaction. We work with members on specific goals while focusing on daily living and socialization skills.  

  • Hiking 

  • Bowling

  • Cooking

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Physical Fitness

  • Libraries

  • Movies

  • Volunteer work

  • Gardening

  • Community Events

  • Mall hikes

  • Parks

We always welcome suggestions for community activities from our members and their families. We promote awareness and celebrate all cultures. 

Transportation may be available to and from the DTA program based on the individual's residence location in relation to established routes. 


We offer programs for adults of all ability levels who are enrolled through the Arizona Division of Developmental Disabilities. Community integration and socialization are key elements of all of our programs.  Along with regular community events and outings, we also offer sports leagues and hobby clubs (sewing/arts) between our sites. And since the pandemic, we've started virtual yoga and bingo community education classes through the City of Chandler. 

Community Service
Image by Rémi Walle

Home & Community Based Services (HCBS)


Attendant Care

Goal-oriented programs focusing on individual needs and abilities promoting independence, growth, safety, and an increased quality of life.

Staff members provide assistance with daily living responsibilities, such as hygiene, laundry and meal preparation. 


Short term relief for primary caregivers  during which time their individual is supervised and cared for by staff members either in the home or community.  

Daily Respite

Longer-term care to relieve unpaid caregivers and/or a medically related social service worker, based on the family's needs.  This service is 12-hours, or more, per day and can be provided by a licensed respite care provider in the member's  home. 

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